We are currently training service dogs.  We are very passionate about working with dogs to help others.  We are blessed to have the ability to communicate with dogs and train to this level.  This is our True Passion. 

Service dogs take between 12 and 18 months of extensive training.  They live in our house and boarding facility with us while training. They travel with our family.  We can only train a limited number of dogs at a time.  If you are interested in getting a service dog you can email us at clay@kylakedogs.com  or call us during business hours.  

Cost:  Because of the specialized training involved service dogs are not cheap.  They usually run from $15,000 and up.  There is no short cut and many organizations require payment in full before the training starts.

Waiting Period:  There are some non-profit organizations that will supply a service dog at no cost but the waiting period is usually  3-5 years.  

The reason why I give you the information above is simple.  We are trying to help you with these issues.  A properly trained service dog can help many individuals have a much more fulfilling life.

Because we are attempting to help you obtain a properly trained service dog we have set up our training a little different from most.  I will give you the entire breakdown so that you know exactly what you are getting into.

Our Process

Step 1.  Fill out our application and send it to us.  We will review the application and get in touch with you within 1 week.  

Step 2.  Personal interview.  We will need to sit down and go over information with the applicant and guardian/patient advocate.  


We will make a determination based on the application and interview.  At this time we will write up all contracts.  You can choose to pay in full $12,000 or we have financing options available.  There will be a minimum of $1000 due at contract signing but this is where we are truly trying to help you .  We will finance the dog over 1 - 3 years.  

1 year = 3% interest.  $1000 down, $931.63 per month

2 year = 4% interest.  $1000 down, $477.67 per month

3 year = 5% interest.  $1000 down, $329.68 per month

Step 3.  If we determine that we are going to go forward with the process we will begin to help you find a puppy that will best suit your needs.  (We sometimes have puppies available)  You will be responsible for the purchase price of the puppy and all vet expenses.  Usually between $500 and $1500, We will go over everything with you. We want to make sure that we get health guarantees and know the background of the parents.  We are in this with you.

Step 4.  You will start the bonding process with the puppy from 7 weeks till 12 weeks.  This is your dog.  You will be responsible for vaccinations.  

Step 5.  At 12 weeks old your puppy will come live with us and begin training.  We encourage you to come by and visit and even take your puppy home for some overnight stays with you.  We want you and your puppy to have a strong bond.  We will continue training from 12 - 18 months.  

Step 6. Once we determine that your puppy is ready to fully come stay with you we will have you come here for a 2 - 4 week period.  At this time we will go with you shopping, restaurants, hiking or whatever activities you enjoy.  It is time for the two of you  to become a team.  

Step 7  You will be able to call us, stop by and ask questions at anytime throughout the life of your dog.  We want to help.  We also would like to see you once a year for recertification training. There is no additional cost for recertification.

** We will provide Food to your puppy while they are here training at our facility

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