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With all of the youtube video's available and websites about dog training there is tons of information available.  Everyone has an opinion when it comes to training dogs.  With that said I must warn you that there is also just as much bad information on the web as good information.  Use some common sense when you search for information online.  I have included some trainers that I trust below,  that doesn't mean that we agree on everything but these are some good starting points when searching for training solutions and help.

I absolutely love this website.  It has tons of information from very knowledgeable trainers.  There is a free video section about all kinds of dog training topics. 

Dog Training Education.

Michael Ellis School

Michael Ellis School for dog trainers is amazing.  I have watched a ton of his training videos and he definitely has a way with dogs.  Anytime a situation comes up in my training that I need for research I will always check out to see if he has a video on the subject.  Search Michael Ellis in YouTube to get access to tons of videos.

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