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Service Dogs

Espy and Allison

With Doggie Boot Camp we condense all basic obedience down to a one month time period.  You will drop off your dog and he will be with a class of other dogs at the same level.  We will get through the basics in 30 days.  That is a lot packed into a short period of time.  We have this set to give you an option and keep your budget down.  The following commands are taught:

Sit           Down            Place                  Stay              Kennel                   Loose Leash Walking            

 We will also teach your dog "Marker Training"  and the commands:

Yes           No             Nope                OK           and            Good

Finally your dog will be introduced to E - Collar Conditioning so that if you choose to use an E-Collar later then he will already understand the collar pressure

You will also receive up to 5 private lessons with the trainer at the completion of training so that we can properly transfer the dog over to you and your commands will be followed.

*** Not all behavior will be at 100% when completed with this class but they will have the basics.  As with all dogs you will need to work with your dog when you take them home.

Monthly Rate Includes 1 month of Boarding and 1 Month of Training

Regular Price is $1,175.

Current Special pricing is $655

Doggie Boot Camp

Types of Training

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Dog Training

Placed December 2015

Placed June 2016

With our Service Dog Program we supply a finished Service Dog.  This dog will qualify as a Service Dog through the ADA act.  It takes a full year from the time we get the puppy before we can place the dog.  This dog will have manners, know basic and advanced commands. Sit, down, here, no, walk on a leash, heel, fetch, load, wait, hold, place, stay, under, yes, nope, ok, good, and free.  In addition, these dogs will perform multiple tasks that add value to the individual's life.  These dogs will complete the Public Access Portion of training, receive a vest, and will not be aggressive.  We follow the ADI guidelines when placing a service dog.

The total cost of placing a service dog is $15,220

Fundraising assistance may be available, please contact us for additional details.

Our Skilled Companion Dog program  expands on basic obedience to include proper heeling on leash, off leash obedience and introduction to public access training  during a 3 - 4 month session.  This program is designed for someone that would benefit from having a service dog at home or to have a companion to tag along at places that will allow dogs. 

You will also receive up to 5 additional private lessons after the training is complete.

Monthly rate includes boarding and training.

Regular Monthly Rate is $1,175

Current Special Pricing is $655 per month

** Because of the different methods used we must know which package you are signing up for at the beginning of training

Currently in training, now accepting applications.  Sisters to Espy.

​Rosie and Nooga

Skilled Companion Dogs

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Service Dogs

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